reverse seasonal depression

by see you on the road

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These song were written and recorded in my Boston apartment from winter 2013 to spring 2015. Themes range from being nostalgic of past relationships good and bad to seasonal change and feelings associated. I hope you enjoy!


released February 28, 2016

Homesick Records



all rights reserved


see you on the road Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: aneth
I haven't slept in days
whatever I choked down made its way and won't come out
but I guess thats how I live these days
and anyways you're just a mile away

but I'm thinking I could just go right up to you
I would look into your big brown eyes and you would tell me everything
and this is the season for everything
smelling like coffee brewing in the autumn wind

I should of took you by the hand that day
it's like I had a dream where I did that anyway
the heat and the temperature and the feeling of your soft skin
in the shade of a swimming pool

and this is the season for everything
smelling like coffee brewing in the autumn wind
Track Name: out here you could hear the highway
out here you could hear the highway
and feel the sounds of summer on your skin
one more missed telephone call
one more missed memory

I know it's a little early
but I can not stand where you're going without me

morning breaks, the sunshine on your face
a shadow cast, you're still dressed in nothing but lace
I'm rolling over and over and over again
replays like a phonograph and skips where we start to break

I lightly trace your hip with my fingertip
like a map I'd use to find my way back to you
Track Name: a thin glass
I watch you put on makeup
and you move just like you're made of porcelain

and there's a thin glass covering your eyes

I watch you move in the doorway
and you're half dressed

and there's a thin glass covering your eyes

and all mirrors aside
I can't see straight tonight
Track Name: walker lake
I see you turn around into bedroom sheets
and a grasp of a flask that you'll never see
and a vintage fan blows lightly, it creates a breeze
you can feel it on your back and all the way to your legs

you're coming up lightly over me
you're coming up, I'll rub my eyes so you could see

the reflection in the doorway
and to the ground to the shadow case
but nothing seem to compare to the shadow that you leave
you're taking looks, you're taking stairs
I wish I had touch your hair
but nothing seems to compare to the shadow that you leave

I see you brush that hair with a little gaze
the little rays, coming through with the sunlight on the mirror
and you look right back at me
the light washes across your skin
noon time summertime
Track Name: january
she turns to me and asks how's your day been
I know you could do it better in your dreams
the windows open these a breeze coming in
January weathers never been this warm
in a week it'll only be 15 degrees
in a week it'll only be anther week again

the radiator hums and you grab another drink
you lay your head for a rest
you're not weary you're just wide asleep
if that makes any sense then baby you've got me
if that makes any sense than maybe it's the way to be

the world won't stop spinning for anyone
but sometimes I think you're an exception to that rule
the world won't stop spinning for anyone

I can remember back four months ago
I wanted it to be so cold
because that was the only way that I could be close to you
a half a year goes by and it's like it's all been a dream
I wonder what you've been up to all this time
each season goes and never says goodbye
Track Name: don't go
come a little closer now
I need to feel your breath on the palms of my hands
when I touch them to your face and I kiss you on your lips
you were standing right there I let you slip through my fingertips

no don't go

I ran away so fast
I cross state lines and never called you back
I never called you back

no don't go
you've got all the sights you want to see
and all the waves crash hard beneath

like your breath on glass
I can read your lips
like a broken record we can't fix
you read in-between the lines
you write and you write until you're blind
the rain echoes through both of my ears
as you lay there half naked on the sheets
Track Name: idllywild
your hair still wet from a rain storm an hour ago
and now you're sleeping fast
like a babies eyes that just can't let go
I just can't let you know

the tides all gone out
from a moon that waned an hour ago
and now the windows closed
get you out of your close
to dry up all the salt
the shower makes you sweat

no better feeling like when I cheer you up
I know you're feeling low but your smile makes me go crazy

and I like it when the summer rays they move across your skin
and you're batting your eyes like you're trying to find the soul beneath your skin
or just some peace of mind

you're spreading out a blanket on the shore
you're taking your time with whatever you find and that's fine by me
you're working your tan until the summer sinks in
and that's fine by me
Track Name: grey eyes
on the drive home you slept by my side
I caught you dreaming in and out as we drove
I only follow yellow lines, you only look with your eyes
summer sunsets and heat stroke nights
the alcohol is in your veins, the sugar in your blood
it goes straight to your head in the morning when you wake

but it's the way that you look
with those grey eyes
I could stare at you starring into space for forever now

now that we're home you can tell me anything
was he a chip off your shoulder or better yet your heart
and did your lungs stop breathing, numb from all you smoked
I hope through the haze you can at least find your clothes
and thats alright, you've get a story for the ages
you tell yourself every night while drifting off to sleep
Track Name: leave a light on
if they can't turn a light on in this cold dark room
they're never going to rescue you
home is where the heart is
but heartache holds more true to your home
and you know thats just the way it goes

we could sit around for hours
the records gunna turn
we're always going to learn
the right things to say
we're still growing up everyday

do you every run out of things to say
thoughts take up more space in your brain then words come out
I'm not accusing you about making accusations
about the words you accuse me to say
Track Name: she was a hurricane
I laugh, you're the liquor by her bedside kind of girl
she hasn't got time for anybody with your name and face
she's laughing straight to hell blowing kisses all the way

and it's no surprise
skin smoother than the wind outside
and seashell eyes
and a back that rise
hell I died